Gravity… Friend Or Foe?

Gravity... Friend Or Foe?

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It’s a funny thing---when most people talk about gravity it’s not in a warm fuzzy way! We think about how we age and tend to blame gravity. But the interesting irony is that nothing can live without it. When space travel and research over the years continues to fail to find life away from planet Earth we should consider that as a clue. Perhaps gravity is vital to our existence!

As a chiropractic physician I consider that gravity plays a strong role in the function of our nervous system and certainly recognize that when a spine is well aligned it bears the forces of gravity more normally and doesn’t decay prematurely. In fact, your spine is the engine to your brain! Did you know that ninety percent of your brain’s energy comes from motion of your spine? It’s been demonstrated over and over again that patients with memory problems have better recall when they’re more active. You see, many experts in neurology discuss the brain, specifically the thalamus, as the ‘Great Sensory Integrator’. The messages that the brain receives from the spine are influenced by the health of the spine. Once those sensory impulses are integrated in the thalamus, motor neuron output can occur to send functional messages to all our cells, tissues and organs.

In order to live in harmony with gravity we must exercise good health habits, not the least of which is in maintaining a healthy spine. When we keep our spines properly aligned we not only mitigate pain but can assure more normal nerve transmission throughout our bodies to maintain as close to one hundred percent function as possible. Think of it this way—what happens to your computer when it’s subjected to corrupted files or viruses? It’s the old ‘garbage-in, garbage-out’ scenario. Gravity can be your friend if you respect its purpose. You are designed by God to live vitally, on this planet, we call Earth. It’s time to stop fighting with gravity and just learn how to get along.


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