Degenerative Disc Disease: What Is It? Can It Be Fixed?

Degenerative Disc Disease:
What Is It? Can It Be Fixed?

Do Chiropractors Just Treat Back Pain

Degenerative disc disease is a process and factor of abnormalities occurring in the body over time.

Most people are led to believe that disc degeneration is about aging, but the reality is there are people in their twenties with degenerative disc disease and people in their sixties and seventies with very little. I’ve even seen patients with healthy spinal discs in their eighties!  The questions remain, what is it?  How do we prevent it? And if we have it, is it correctable?

Over the last two decades I’ve researched this topic and successfully treated thousands of patients. Patients have recovered from bulging discs, herniated discs and degenerative disc disease in our offices utilizing our advanced techniques and state of the art equipment called the SpineMed Decompression System. We teach patients that disc disease can manifest at any age and in different forms. Disc Degeneration occurs slowly from abnormal spinal pressure. This can happen from trauma or from abnormal posture over time. The resulting abnormal spinal alignment puts pressure on the disc which disrupts the discs ability to draw fluid and nutrients in to sustain itself. Over time, this causes the disc to dehydrate and often causes significant pain. Bulging and herniated discs are also forms of degeneration that can happen from abnormal pressure. The bulge is the outer annular layer contacting nerves and the herniation is the inner nucleus pulposus leaking out and contacting nerves. By applying gentle corrective adjustments to restore more normal spinal alignment and using our SpineMed Decompression System to painlessly stretch the spinal ligaments and create a vacuum effect within the disc, we are able to help patients avoid spine surgery and recover healthier discs. In fact, we have had many cases where our patients have had their neuro or orthopedic surgeons cancel scheduled surgeries after successful correction using our techniques.  Once corrections are made, we then teach patients how to exercise appropriately to help them maintain corrections and advise them to consider in-office maintenance care.

Ally Spine Center is an exclusive Disc Center of Scottsdale and recognized by the International Medical Advisory Board for spinal decompression excellence.


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