When Your Head Goes Forward, Your Health Goes Backward

When Your Head Goes Forward,
Your Health Goes Backward

Chiropractic Scottsdale AZ Forward Head Syndrome

Did you know that for every inch forward your head goes in front of your shoulder, it doubles in weight? Imagine holding a bowling ball close to your waist—it would seem a lot lighter than if you held it out in front of you! The problem with Forward Head Posture (besides not looking good) is that it damages the joints, discs and nerves of the cervical spine and ultimately causes early decay and disease. It has been estimated that FHP decreases the life-span by as much as fifteen years, similar to other diseases related to poor lifestyle habits.

Have you ever been told to “sit up straight” or “stand up straight”? I can remember being told that as a young man growing up and now I hear patients recall the same memory. They say they know they’re not sitting and standing correctly but they can’t seem to correct it on their own. Often this is because the condition is chronic and the associated ligaments of the spine have deformed. Once this occurs, the demand goes to the muscles to compensate. Fatigue sets in as those muscles of the neck and upper back are not designed to behave that way, causing relapse in poor posture.

For over twenty years we have specialized in the correction of abnormal spinal curves and abnormal posture. By focusing on the correction of the cause, not the treatment of the effects of patients’ pain, we are able to improve quality of life and slow down the degenerative changes that cause the pain and accelerated aging. With gentle and safe adjusting techniques, myofascial trigger-point work, and traction protocols including often times, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression (NSSD) with our state of the art, patented, SpineMed decompression system, we are able to make corrections that last.

If you think you’ve tried everything and have pain or abnormal posture, call our office to schedule a special exam/x-rays and first adjustment all for just $50. While other approaches may work by reducing symptoms, our corrective care techniques can take away your pain AND restore normal spinal alignment that we verify with post x-rays.  Our focus is your health—not merely the reduction of your symptoms! By correcting abnormal posture and spinal alignment, you will feel your best—and more importantly, regain function you are losing!


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