Are You A Miracle Or Not?

Are You A Miracle Or Not?

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Chances are when you were born your parents thought you were the most beautiful baby ever and they proclaimed you were “a miracle”. Witnessing the birth of child is perhaps the most humbling and awe-inspiring moment of our lives. It is such an emotional time and surreal as we can hardly comprehend what has taken place. The word, “miracle” seems to be all we can say to describe something only God could make happen.

With all the advancements in modern medicine and technology our society has become so enamored with the ability to treat diseases that we forget about the “miracle”. Where did it go? How did two cells come together and in nine months you were born? Was there some intelligence at work? How did the cells come to be in the first place and how did they know what to do? And isn’t it interesting to think about how your brain and spinal cord formed before anything else? And once this occurred, they were then encased in bone for protection.  It becomes obvious as other systems form that the reason for this is that we rely on the nervous system for all function in the body. And as the baby grows it adapts to its environment and regulates as all systems within coordinate millions of functions to sustain itself---all without having to go to school!

Over time and being subjected to various stressors, physical, chemical, mental, emotional etc., the baby grows into childhood, adolescence and eventually, adulthood all the while functioning, adapting and healing. But somewhere along the way, stressors accumulate enough to cause enough interference that dis-ease becomes apparent. And we panic—looking for a man-made solution to fix the problem without care for the cause. As a chiropractic physician I appreciate that we have great capacity for crisis care in medicine but that’s not healthcare—it’s sickcare. We have to remember to seek causes rather than merely focus on the treatment of effects.  Ask yourself, as B.J. Palmer the developer of Chiropractic asked us, “have you more faith in a teaspoon of medicine than in the power that animates the living world”? Once you recall all your body has done for you since you were born, you will remember the miracle and realize--- you’re just a bigger baby!


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