Believing Is Seeing

Believing Is Seeing

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A few weeks back you may have read my article, Advanced Chiropractic: Seeing is Believing. I wrote that to illustrate the point that regardless of your current beliefs, chiropractic care works. We define “works” to mean not only getting patients feeling better and moving better, but to have spines that are healthier verified by comparing before and after x-rays.

Today I want to raise your awareness to an even higher level when it comes to your health. I want you to consider that relative to your philosophy regarding healthcare, you will look through a particular lens that alters your perspective. For example, if you believe that health and healing come from the outside-in you will tend to be less proactive regarding your health. You will typically be satisfied with the idea that your loss of health has more to do with your parents and grandparents and think your genetics are just not good enough. Once given a diagnosis of your condition you will likely be content to take prescription drugs or have surgery to ‘fix’ the problem. Others have a different philosophy—one that contends health comes from the inside-out. These people tend to be very proactive regarding safeguarding their health and they tend to seek ways to increase their health even as they continue to age.

Ultimately your philosophy will dictate your thinking and choices, and of course, your health outcomes. If you fall into the first category—those that see health coming from the outside-in, you may view the body as machine-like. When things go wrong, simply inject a chemical to alter the systems function or subtract damaged parts and replace them as needed. The problem with that level of thinking is that no matter how many drugs you put in the body or how many parts you remove, you don’t create health. If you’re in the second category and view health as an inside-out action, you’ll see the body self-heals and self-regulates and the nervous system is the master system and controller of your body. Simply by removing the interference to your nervous system, you will increase your body’s ability to heal and regulate. When you see your body as a gift from God to live your life through, you will believe more in its incredible healing capacity, and you’ll believe your body needs no help---it just needs no interference.


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