Your Body By God… Destined For Sickness And Disease?

Your Body By God...
Destined For Sickness And Disease?

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For all those reading this article, who also read the Bible, you are aware that God created you in His image. And that’s a really great thing. Otherwise, like everything made by man, computers, auto parts, washing machines, etc., you would break down and require new parts or become altogether obsolete. While it is true you may get injured or lifestyle your way to needing ‘replacement parts’, your body is continually given all it needs by God to constantly adapt and heal itself. The Adam and Eve prototype still works today if we get out of the way. What I mean is, the body needs no help—just no interference.

If it’s true that God created us and has given us all we need, why do we see so many sick, suffering people? Could it be that was God’s plan for us? Were we just dropped off on this planet Earth to stumble about and struggle in fear of the next illness or virus that might attack us? In Jeremiah 29:11-14 it says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not evil, to give you a future and hope.” Does this sound like we were made to be weak and suffer or were we made to live well and abundantly? So many patients over the years have explained to me that their health problems are due to their faulty genetics. While it is true that there are rare instances of genetic aberrations causing disease in people, the best science in the field of genetics research states about 95% of people have DNA blueprints that should help us live vitally somewhere between 80 and 120 years of age (to say nothing of the likelihood that genetic aberrations are the result of biochemical/environmental toxins by man).

So how do we get sick? It goes back to the “I” word---interference. When we interfere with God’s plans for us, we get sick.  B.J. Palmer, developer of the chiropractic profession famously asked, “have you more faith in a teaspoon of medicine than in the power that animates the living world?” Today we can see that all chronic disease is the result of interfering with God’s plan. No number of drugs in the blood or reduction of body parts will create health. Isn’t it interesting that humans are the only animals with chronic disease (except for our pets because we do it to them too)?  We must recognize we are the creators of the physical, chemical, mental and emotional interference that causes all disease. Once we take on the responsibility for the gifts God has given us, we can realize our true health potential.


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