SpineMed Decompression: Say Goodbye To Chronic Pain

SpineMed Decompression:
Say Goodbye To Chronic Pain


Dennis McClure, MD, a neurosurgeon, conducted a study that tested over 500 surgical candidates and found that non-surgical spinal decompression had a success rate between 86 and 92 percent one year post treatment.  Another study by Gose, Naguszewski and Naguszewski, published in 1998 in Neurological Research, examined 778 cases across 22 medical centers for patients with low back pain. Treatment was successful in 71 percent of the cases with pain going to zero to one on a zero to five scale. Another study by Norman Shealy M.D., neurosurgeon, reported an 86 percent success rate showing “good” to “excellent” relief in patients with ruptured intervertebral discs and 75 percent of those with facet arthritis.

How can all this incredible research exist and almost no one knows about it? What makes matters even worse is the fact that the AMA has come out with a new diagnostic code for “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome”. Metanalysis of the research shows approximately fifty percent of back surgeries fail. The challenge today is all about how to get to the truth in healthcare. This is not an easy feat as Big Pharma runs the show with strong influence over mainstream media and consumer behavior as they continue to advertise directly to us for drugs we cannot purchase without a prescription. Those of us providing non-drug and non-surgical solutions must rely on constant outreach efforts and patient-driven word of mouth.

When contemplating the right steps to take when it comes to solving your back or neck pain problems consider the real risks and costs involved. While we have seen an average success rate near ninety percent for the treatment of chronic pain and disc related issues, we also have never seen an adverse reaction or event occur relative to the treatment we provide (other than occasional mild soreness). Remember this when making your choices: All big spinal problems started out as small ones (except for trauma induced cases). And surgery means having less and less when it comes to anatomy and function over time while non-surgical spinal decompression means having more and more of your anatomy and an increase in function over time.


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